Choice of a Gravestone

Losing a loved one can be one of the most tormenting times in one’s life. Family and friends go through a very rough time during these unfortunate moments. Without a doubt, during this time, family and friends are very confused; hence, decision-making such as choosing the suitable gravestone can become quite hectic. A gravestone is one of the ways you memorialize the life of the person who has passed on. Gravestones can last for many years after the death of a loved one, and they give a glance at the life of the deceased; hence choosing the most appropriate one is very important. This article looks at how they are made, the different materials used to make them, and the best headstones to select.How to make gravestones

Gravestones can be made using different shapes and sizes. The choice of the headstone should at least portray some aspects of the deceased life. They should show some attributes of the person who has passed on life, such that when you look at them, they give you a sense of the deceased personality or the kind of life they lived before passing on. The size of the gravestone depends on the size of the message being written. Headstones are the most commonly used, usually with a width of about two and a half feet, around three feet of height, and one feet depth. They are made with a thick rounded concrete base.

Flat tablet or flat grounded gravestones are pretty cheap and contains little information. Usually rectangular, either a little raised from the ground or flush. They are generally made of Bronze or granite. One of the cons of this type of gravestone is that words engraved in them have a short lifespan hence fade quickly.

Kerbed memorials are a line of stones covering the whole grave, forming a rectangular shape. This type of gravestone provides enough room for personalized expression they there is enough space. One of the advantages of this gravestone is that you can leave some space in the middle for planting real flowers or other plants you may wish.

Children’s gravestones and memorials are the most emotional and painful ones to choose. The kids’ lives often inspire them; hence come in shapes and features like their favorites toys, cartoons, teddy bears, and most things that inspired their lives. Gravestones materials (

Different gravestone materials have a varying lifespan and are suited for different specifications. Granites, for instance, have a long life span. ( It’s available in different colors and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Bronze is very hardy and resilient. The only con is that it’s more expensive than granite and darkens with time but can be maintained easily. Bronze is more prevalent in churchyards. ( Unlike Bronze, marble is not allowed in the churchyard, is prone to destruction by harsh weather conditions hence inscriptions in marble fade quickly with time.

It’s always good to look for a gravestone shape, design, and material that will last for long since a gravestone keeps the memories of the dead alive in your lives. The longer the gravestone lasts and a choice of a good message engraved, the longer you will keep the memories of the loved ones in your head.