Designs of gravestones

Gravestones are the physical marker of a tomb. You don’t want to forget the exact place where your loved one was laid to rest. There is a wide range of gravestones that you can choose depending on the description of the loved one you want to remember. Here are a few types to help you understand what is available in the market and what you need;

  1. Upright gravestone
    The upright gravestone has been in the market for several years. It is designed in two parts, the base, and the tablet. The two parts can, however, be joined to have a single piece. The tablet is the upper part that sits on the base. Depending on your desire, the tablet can be made into different shapes like a round corner, oval, rooftop, and flat top. The details of the deceased are scripted on the tablet.
  2. Slant gravestone
    Slant gravestone is more similar to the upright gravestone except that one side of the tablet is slanted with the opposite side standing in a 90-degree position. This makes it so stable. It, therefore, does not have to be in two parts. In most cases, it exists as a single piece.
  3. Bench gravestone
    This is one of the latest designs that you will get from the dealers. It is primarily effective for use in public graveyards. They are crafted benches made of concrete or marble. You can therefore sit on them as you reflect on the memories of the deceased. They are more decent in giving you comfort even as you mourn your loved one.
  4. Children gravestone
    When a child’s life is cut short, it can be forgotten very fast. This is the reason most people will never ignore creating memories for children. The children’s gravestones are, in most cases, cartoon-themed. Different people will choose different images that relate to the children, like teddy bears, toys, blocks, angels, musical instruments, and many more.

Whichever type of gravestone you choose, ensure you script the life memory of the deceased at a glance. Make the name, date of birth, and date of death be clear.